Friday, August 3, 2012


Two new podcasts, brah. Go to Total Fest, August 16-18 in Missoula, Montana. Buy a pass.

The 8/2/12 Show:
Narrows, the “Quellish” from Benjamin (WantageUSA 2007)
Poison Idea “Underage” from Darby Crash Rides Again (TKO Records 2011)
Harkonen “In Tow” from Dancing - EP (Initial Records 2003)
White Boss “Darkness/Lightness” from S/T (Perennial 2010)
Swell Maps “The Helicopter Spies” from Jane From Occupied Europe 12LP33RPM ALBUM (secretly canadian 1980)
Kraftwerk “Antenna” from Radio-Activity (Capitol Records 1975)
Reichel, Achim (Interlude music) “Station 1: Globus” from Die Grune Reise
L.U.N.A.R. Revolt “Excuse Me for Living” from Mind Losers (NØ-Man Records / HDC Records 2012)
Danava “Where Beatuy & Terror Dance” from UnonoU CD ALBUM (Kemado 2007)
Harkonen “Canibal” from Dancing EP (Initial Records 2003)
Melvins, the “Mr. Rip Off” from Freak Puke (ipecac recordings 2012)

The 7/5/12 Show:

Megasus “Swords” from Magasus CD ALBUM (20 Buck Spin 2009)
Mastodon “Blood and Thunder” from Leviathan CD COMP (Relapse 2006)
Liturgy “Generation” from Aesthetica CD ALBUM (Thrill Jockey 2011)
Melvins “Civilized Worm” from (A) Senile Animal MP3 ALBUM (Ipecac 2006) —Playing Missoula Sept. 9th at the Top Hat
Batallion of Saints “Second Coming” from Youtube
Milk Music “Beyond Living” from Beyond Living - EP EP (self released 2009) —Playing Saturday, July 7th at the VFW
Harkonen “I'm Taking the Hydroplane to Bellingham” from Dancing - EP (Initial Records 2003) —Total Fest XI Band.
Oldest “Survivalist Compounds” from S/T (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia 2012)   
Harkonen “We've Come for Your Daughters” from Shake Harder Boy (Hydra Head Records 2002) —Total Fest XI Band.
Milk Music “Fertile Ground” from Beyond Living CD EP (self-released 2009) —Playing Saturday, July 7th at the VFW   
Cousins “Droit Du Signeur” from Axthoxy EP (2012) —Total Fest XI Band.
Buildings “INVOCATION” from Melt Cry Sleep MP3 ALBUM (doubleplusgood records 2011) —Total Fest XI Band.
McKuen, Rod “Babt Be My Love” from Through European Windows (RCA)

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