Monday, March 9, 2009

List-Only Wears: Peddled Here.
FIRE WITCH: JAPAN 10" Wantage's newest epic noise rock joint, courtesy of Melbourne's Fire Witch continues to cudgel folks in the guts with a half-ton of flying cement. We're mailing copies out to American and Australian distributors right now, and Here's what Andee at Aquarius Records said:
"The return of these Aussie low end heavies. Two basses, drums, NO guitar, recorded on the tail end of their recent Japanese tour, more of what we love from these guys, mathy, doomy low end heaviness. The A side is all one track, and it's a beaut. The basses loooow slung, thick and syrupy, streaks of feedback everywhere, the drums scattered, the whole thing gorgeously abstract, the bass lines sound woozy and warped, it almost sounds like one of the basses is being played with a slide, part way through it erupts into a full on free for all, drums going nuts, basses buzzing and roaring, the band managed to sound super tight, but also loose and improvised, slipping from droney to super complex to mathy to space-y to sparse and plodding to freaked out and frenzied. The flipside begins heavy and downtuned and mathy, sounding like a more metal ruins, super tight, locked into impossible grooves, before slipping into another stretch of drifting abstract free jam, before finishing off with a super rocking jam that is total early nineties Homestead worship. Awesome! Beautifully hand screened covers, black and metallic silver on white (peep the inside of the cover, they're all printed on recycled Oxes / Arab On Radar sleeves, haha), each one hand numbered and signed, LIMITED TO 355 COPIES! Includes a photocopied insert too. "
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NEW EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION TITLES: X-MIST Wäntage is distributed in Europe by X-Mist, which is also a great record label, the following are rare European pressings of which we've got very limited numbers. The following are available currently only to the elite Wantage List subscribers. All prices include U.S. postage. Foreigners: Y'all git ahold of us, y'hear. Actually, yes, if you want some of this stuff and don't live in North America, just send an email and we'll calculate postage. Ordering mutiple copies always works out in the foreign mailorder customer's favor.

BIG BOYS: Lullabies Help the Brain Grow/No Matter How Long the Line... DOUBLE LP. Legendary Texan skate-funk punk, on hard-to-find vinyl! Arguably as important/rad as the classic Minutemen double record, Double Nickels on the Dime. $17. Buy it HERE.

Wicked hardcore from ex-Born Against, Men's Recovery
Project, Monorchid, Fast Forward, etc. etc. Released domestically as a cassette. This band crammed more ideas into their grand-total of 35 minutes of recorded output than most bands do in whole, long careers. $14. Buy it HERE.

EX-MODELS: Chrome Panthers LP.
With Kid Millions on loan from Oneida, this line-up was my favorite, and Ex-Models brought
a bizarre wild, no wave-cum-punk approach, and it was like a breath fresh air in a time inhabited by Pixies worshipers and sycophants. $14. Buy it HERE.

THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY: It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back LP.
TMIBH are Ohio punks in the style of past Ohio punks (Dead Boys, Pagans, etc). With ex-Neon King Kong, Bassholes and Chargers Street Gang. A blazing set of blazers, here. Test drive their new
song, Obama right here on theirspace. $14. Buy it HERE.

VAZ: Demonstrations in Micronesia LP
Vaz are Jeff and Paul fro
m Hammmerhead, continuing with their spacious, midwestern, cosmos/future obsessed excellent noise rock. Demonstrations in Micronesia is our favorite Vaz record, because of its extreme focus and powerful crunch! If you believe that Hammerhead's Into the Vortex is a crucial record, you've probably already got this. If not, it's time. $14. Buy it HERE.

Red Fang Fans: Take Note. This is aimed at you. LIST ONLY SALE: LAST OF THE JUANITAS (TOP GEAR CHEAP).
Here's Special deal for you
Wantage List folks: It struck us that lots of folks are getting into Red Fang (with good reason) but before Red Fang was a twinkle in anyboydy's eye, Fangers Bryan Giles and David Sullivan (Along with Lana Rebel and Johnny Shier) rocked with Last of the Juanitas. The "Juanitas," in addition to being painfully overlooked, toured with the Fucking Champs, Drunk Horse and Rocket From the Crypt, and more importantly broke minds with their dense, metallic excellently wild scree. The Juanitas' music was a wee bit more psychedelic than Red Fang, and often instrumental. To encourage some more folks to check it out, we're selling their CDs for $5 and their LPs for $6, this deal is available to List members only. Oh, and if you're a Miss Lana Rebel fan and country-file, we certainly encourage stepping out side of your zone and checking out Lana's previous endeavors. She sang a fair amount on both Time's Up and In the Dirt.

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