Sunday, January 24, 2010

The JapantherNinjasonik 7" is officially coming out Feb. 8th, and to you subscribers of the Wantage List, it's out now. And how. We're extra proud of this thing, it's a hand-screened gem we did right here in the ol' cellar with some Plastijet ink, too little ventilation, and an absolutely cool piece of text-graphic from Japanther bro Kevin Bouton-Scott. It's a translucent, label-less 7" with a hand-screened, limited and numbered print on each copy. This was a hard-fought 7", and After a friggin' heapin' helping of bullshit with the pressing plant, we've got these things, finally. Japanther need no introduction around these parts, and Ninjasonik have been busily making a name for themselves in the u.g. hip-hop/punk rock realm like few others. This record deals topically with the ease with which the internet is used as a tool for shit talking, and Pop Rocks. This thing's available first up to Wantage List subcribers. If you're reading this, you get it postage-paid for $6, nobody else gets that price. BUY A JAPANTHERNINJASONIK 7" HERE.

The New Pygmy Shr
ews and White Shit records are out and bros've been responding real positively. Pygmy Shrews went out and slayed the midwestern and eastern U.S. last year, and White Shit have been laying low, and scheming, hoarding and conniving, doing their deal. To make reading this irregular update all the more valuable for you, there's a free download of the Pygmy Shrews: the Egyptian LP right here Additionally, to spur some love for the painfully underrated Fire Witch, here are the four MP3s from their rad Japan 10", which we've still got in stock. These links will time out in about five days, and each is good for 100 downloads. Get em while you can.
Pygmy Shrews: The Egyptian download here.
Fire Witch: Japan 10" download here.

We thought it was fully out of print, and the last copies snatched up from each and every
distributor. Turns out that Atlantans aren't too keen on the soulful work of Ms. Lana Rebel, and we came up with, count 'em, FOUR more Miss Lana Rebel: All I Need LPs. We're not putting these up on the regular site, until we're very sure none of you want one. Again, this is the first pressing of the stellar, and totally sold-out 2008 Miss Lana Rebel LP. Available to you only, and first come, first-served.

Yes, moreover, we've found a decent little handful of Mountain High's Wicked Wanderer LP on GREEN VINYL. These were supposed to have been long-gone, but one of our distributors was sitting on a little stack. Mountain High are a woefully under-appreciated Philly group whose sound makes me think of a punk rock Amon Duul II, or a two-drummer, Karp fan-populated Groundhogs. Neither of these descriptions do much justice to the fuckin' sweetness this band offers. The green vinyl we've got was a short run of 105 copies and each LP comes with a CD as well. BUY A MOUNTAIN HIGH: WICKED WANDERER LP HERE.

Indeed. Distribution. So, We've got four copies of this thudder of an LP from
Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour from the Republic of Down Under in the Southern Hemisphere, the Land of the Lost... Oz. Australia. It features Jem 'Fire Witch' Moloney bangin' skins, and some of the grinding-est, excellent fast-but-dense/noise rock that we've found in recent months. These dudes love Big Business, and that's noticeable, but in a "holy shit, what a rad, heavy, fast band!" sort of way. ITGB blast, and that's pretty much it. We get a lot of authentic Hammerhead (the Minneapolis Amrep Hammerhead) vibes and desperation, and those are very rare commodoties. At $25/ea. these records are not cheap, but they were imported fro Australia, and are very worth it. We haven't marked them up, but It turns out short-run vinyl ain't cheap to press in Austraila, and these things took a fair amount of postage to make their way stateside. At the time being, other than mailorder customers, these are the only copies available domestically. We added only postage costs to these because they're so excellent they must be heard. Each comes with a hand-silk screened lyric sheet and CD of the album. It's high atop Wantage's best of 2009 list.

The Bugs: Barbaric, Mystical, Bored LP. We can't stop talking about the Bugs. This is their long-awaited follow up to ....the Bugs, this thing has got more hits than Carl Yastrzemski. They're kind of a lo-fi, trashy pop band (ala the Urinals) whose approach to songwriting always leaves us gape-jawed.

Pygmy Shrews: Lord Got Busted 7" Scuzzy, dystopian blasting hardcore plow from these bent Brooklynites. See also Drunkdriver, Zs, the Fugue, Little Women, Wives.

The Scrams: S/T 7" Sweet desert-sourced (Albuquerque!) trash-rock. Mummies inspired, Farfisa-driven, and swaggery as hell. With Early Humans and Giant Haystacks dudes. BUY A SCRAMS 7" HERE.

The Reactionaries: 1979LP the pre-Minutemen (with Watt, Hurley, Boon and Tamburovich) 1979 band that's just been restored, mastered and will be officially released Feb. 20. We're getting a handful of 'em. There's a song up here, scroll down.

76: Teenage War Songs 12" Bill Badgley's (Federation X, Karp doc) and Sterling Callier's (Loving Thunder, Death Wish Kids, Area 51) long-steeping bi-coastal band-project. If you've been missing Fed X like hell, this should fill in the gaps pretty well. BUY A 1776 12" EP HERE.


As you should know, We give away test pressings every now and then in order to keep things interesting. This is less of a contest, and more of an incentive program. To the first five customers who respond to this update with an order, we've got test pressings of either the JapantherNinjasonik 7", the White Shit 10" or the Pygmy Shrews LP. We'll email options the first five people we hear from.

Bill's been busy as heck gathering his final bit of new footage, getting transcripts for everything, and moving into the editing process. It's slow work,
but it's moving forward with a 2010 release goal. Recently, the coasts have been helping put some dollars into the film's near-empty coffers, mega-thanks to the bands in Bellingham, Seattle, Olympia, Portaland and Brooklyn (a small sampling of the groups: Vaz, 1776, Akimbo, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, etc). We've got a small handful of the benefit posters, with the classic "We Tear Apart" tee-shirt logo, altered by A-Jay. We'll throw these things in w. the first handful of orders we get from this email. Send a note to wantageusa AT yahoo if you'd like one included. There's a brand new website that just went live, and there's some sweet new teaser footage there as well.

We'll have the tours section of updated today.

Good question. Always a good question around here. 2010 is underway, and our immediate plans involve: #1 getting the JapantherNinjasonik 7"s out the door. #2 Getting this sweet new Lights (Seattle's lights) LP into the world's hands. From there, we'd like to get a couple records back in print (Miss Lana Rebel, Japanther DTAOT, Pygmy Shrews) and we'll be helping out with the CD release of Japanther's new Rock n' Roll Ice Cream LP.