Monday, August 13, 2012

The Total Program.
This week's show is dedicated, or close to 94% dedicated (no Wolves in the Throne Room, Megasus or Sea Of Tombs), to Total Fest. TF is Missoula, Montana's long weekend of rock and roll. It happens August 16-18, 2012 and you're invited.

Harkonen: The Yolk
La Dusseldorf: Rheinita
Slug: Messerschmidt
Torche: Solitary Traveler
Iron Lung: Autojector, First Night In
ACHIM Reichel: Interlude music
Ben Verellen from Harkonen Interview  (14 minutes)
Harkonen: All This Time I Thought Your Name was Cool Dude
Harkonen: But It’s My Noise
Broken Water: Yanka Dagileva
VTO: Track 2
Buildings: Strange Sleep
Wolves In The Throne Room “Ex Cathedra” from Black Cascade
White Walls “Full Flavor” from Total Fest XI Sampler
Megasus “Megasus” from Magasus CD ALBUM (20 Buck Spin 2009)
Criminal Code “Specimen” from Total Fest XI Sampler
Criminal Code “Dry Spell” from Total Fest XI Sampler
Sea of Tombs “Crystal Rain (Rave Up)” from Sea of Tombs (Gravity 2001)
Brain Tumors “Group Therapy” from Total Fest XI Sampler

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