Monday, September 28, 2009


Wantage List subscriber, this Bud's for you, as we say in the U.S. of A. Alright, maybe nobody says that. Anyhow, there are some new records and bere are buy now links that are going to officially hook you up with copies of these two new releases sooner than anyone else. First up: Pygmy Shrews: this is one of those bands that once we heard, we knew. From the first single when the band was roughly in its current form, add one member, and then called Cutter, we knew thing thing was real. We'd been fans of bands that these folks had been in, like Archaeopteryx, Wives, Zs and Little Women, and we knew that when this deal hit, it was going to be a megablast.

Roll forward a year, a great recording, lots of phone calling, and now we've got the vinyl! It's an epic'ly dark, disturbing and propulsive piece of classic noise, and we're stoked as fuck to have it. Click on this LINK right

here to purchase one of these limited LPs, if you live in the U.S. or Canada, click HERE if you live somewhere outside of the U.S. like Europe or Asia, or Australia.

Now, what's all this White Shit ruckus about? The message boards have been all humming about this new outfit, and now we've gotten our shit together just enough to have this thing loose. With Coady and Jared from Big Business/Melvins, Andy from Monorchid and Wrangler Brutes, and shady fourth member by the name of O.J. Tits, we're not sure how this came to be, but we like it. This 10" has got two originals, and one Gism cover, and it smokes like a Dodge Fury with loose rings, bad valves and dirty oil. You can purchase a copy of this by clicking BUY NOW, (I'M YANK/CANUCK )if you live in the U.S. or Canada, or BUY NOW, I LIVE IN TURKEY, OR INDONESIA, OR EUROPE, OR WHATEVER if you live somewhere else in the world, like say Turkey, or Switzerland, or Indonesia, or maybe even Luxemborg.