Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ach Zo, die Deutsche Amerikanische freundshaft hat beginen. Oder, We got some gut scheise from the Altin Village bros in Dresden, here it is.
Look sharp, Wantage friend! Import/Export business is hopping. The good fellers at Altin Village, a Dresden-based DIY punk label recently came through on their trade promise of a little while back. And how! Their stuff is nice! And when was the last time you bobbed your head to some Kraut-
nouveau? Yeah, that's what I thought. Here's what we picked up from them:

Japanther: Skuffed Up My Huffy LP
In our humble estimation, this 2007 LP is the jumping off point for Japanther fandom. It captures their most ambitious, Beach Boys-ass melodies and focused side and damned if you aren't singing along to their semi-appropriated (from movies like Wild Style) tunes after the first spin. This thing unfortunately has not been released into the wilds on the vinyl format yet. So, until that happens, we've got to get a little bit of a premium for it. $15. Buy it HERE.

Bad Dudes: Tour 7"
Los Angeles' Dudes of Badness crank out a head-turner of a synth-prog-punk tune. Technically wizardly and dope, but rooted in high quality song writing and ultra solid and light hearted musicianship. They went to Europe and this 7" came along with them. $5. Buy it HERE.

Parts and Labor: Tour 7"
B.J. and the other Parts' bros are a crazy handful of band, with bagpipe noises coming out fo keyboards, their patented "grind-pop" and at totally infectious and honest love for what they do. They toured Europe and this 7" came along. $5. Buy it HERE.

The Falcon Five: We're the Falcon Five and You Don't CD
Wurzburg's own ultra-party bros kick out the neu-Kraut punk jams like few others can. When the Pope went to Europe, the FF fellers hooked us up with a rad show and spot to stay, bier und essen, and dropped one of these rippers on us. Good, fun, brash punk rock. Javol. $10. Buy it HERE.

Japanther/The Good Good: Tour 7"
Two Brooklyn ultra-rippers team up for this thing. I think also a tour 7". Solid!
Japanther take the Screamers approach, get it more stoned, make a beat and then dump a sweaty, dancy love-jam on top of it. $5. Buy it HERE.