Thursday, March 15, 2012

Playlist for the 3/8/12 'Blast
Download here.

White Boss “Number Two” from White Boss (2)(Perennial 2010)
Raw Power “No Card” from Screams from the Gutter(Toxic Shock 1985)
White Boss “Sun Rays” from White Boss (2) (Perennial 2010)
Men, the “ANIMAL” from Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones 2012)
GodheadSilo “Bereft Rescue Mission No. 43” from Hammerhead Split 7" (OXO 1993)
Filth Matress “#3” from Filth Matress 3" CDR (self-released 2008)
White Boss “Meld” from White Boss (2) (Perennial 2010)
Melvins “Leech” from Gluey Porch Treatments MP3 ALBUM (Boner 1989)
Hammerhead “Swallow” from Into the Vortex MP3 ALBUM (Amphetamine Reptile 1994)
Ax, the “Climb and Claw” from Fossils of Our Kind (Whoa Boat! 2012)
Helms Alee “Weatherhead” (Hydra Head 2011)
Totalitar “Vi är inte människor” from Vi Ar Eliten CD (Prank 2006)
Judas Priest “Deceiver” from Sad Wings of Destiny (Gull Records 1976)
Thin Lizzy “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE” from Bad Reputation 12LP33RPM ALBUM (Polygram 1977)
Television “ELEVATION” from Marquee Moon CD ALBUM (elektra 1977)
Mordecai “Blow Happy” from Ejaculating Squat Marmut CD ALBUM (Killertree 2011)

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